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The Globe and Mail compares the SIX25BV design to Soori

25 May 2024

“What an honour it is to have the SIX25BV design written about this way…” explains Paolo Abate, CEO of HAVEN. As he read this Globe and Mail article he couldn’t keep back his smile. “The Soori has units that go for over $10,000,000…” continues Paolo Abate “and to think we achieved a design that is compared to such an incredible building makes me really proud”.

The Soori is a beautiful building, if you haven’t seen it we suggest you take a look at it here. While Manhattan commands a much higher price per square foot there is no reason why we can’t produce similar design. HAVEN has done just that.

Thank you to the Globe and Mail for recognizing our accomplishment in designing what will become an iconic building in the Bayview Sheppard area.