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Anthony Abate explains HAVEN Developments

25 May 2024

“Your home is your HAVEN… a safe place to make your own… to entertain friends and family and to create a life you love… HAVEN is not just a developer… HAVEN is a lifestyle. ” Anthony Abate

We couldn’t have said it better ourselves. The way Anthony Abate, VP of Design and Development at HAVEN Developments explains what the company is, believes and does is perfect. Initially it was the thoughts and vision of Paolo Abate (CEO) that helped to create the concept of HAVEN as a lifestyle. We recall Paolo talking about wanting HAVEN to be more than just a developer. He explained how he wanted HAVEN to enhance life and not just house it.

Anthony brings this vision to life as he works with the team on the design of HAVEN properties. “It’s important that we consider all aspects of life in our designs…” explains Paolo Abate “…people are enjoying life in new ways and it is our duty to connect them to the city they love.” We had heard Paolo say this before so we asked him specifically what connecting you to the city you love means to him and to HAVEN. Here is what he had to say:

“We all want to be connected. Connected to each other. Connected to what’s happening. Connected to ourselves. Connected to nature. Connected to our life and the way we choose to live it! At HAVEN we strive to connect people to the city by the way we choose our properties. When we design our buildings, properties and shared spaces we put the resident and their guests first. Being connected is something we achieve in proximity to transit, nature and amenities. But it is so much more. It’s the feeling you get from the design of the building and it’s interiors.”

After this we understood what it meant to be connected, but we wanted to know why he specifically chose the word love. He had this to say “Toronto and our surrounding areas are incredible. We love what our city has to offer… there is something for everyone. In our developments and in every choice we make we strive to love what we are doing. We know that if our goal is to love it then the people we do business with will see that… and they will feel it.” When chatting with Paolo about the vision of HAVEN he stopped, just smiled at us and asked “don’t you want to be connected to the city you love?”

We said “yes”.