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Metro says the SIX25BV patio is a top pick

21 July 2024

The SIX25BV patio is something to love! “As Canadians we really cherish our outdoor living time” says Paolo Abate, CEO of HAVEN, “we pushed the design of the SIX25BV patio to be one that people will gravitate to, creating an outdoor extension to their living space.”

HAVEN continues to prove their commitment to being more than just a developer. HAVEN is a lifestyle. A lifestyle that allows for people to connect with their city and each other. The SIX25BV patio connects people on the bocce ball court, over food cooked in the outdoor kitchen and of course through conversation on the furniture.

Jordan Teperman, EVP of HAVEN Developments told METRO News “We wanted to provide an open environment whereby residents could congregate to enjoy the roof top amenities such as the bocce ball and outdoor kitchens and enjoy the Toronto-Bayview Village skyline.”

HAVEN really considered outdoor living in the design of SIX25BV, each balcony is larger than the average balcony in Toronto. The street level space is unique and welcoming and of course the SIX25BV Penthouse Terrace is incredible.