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SIX25BV is featured in The Globe and Mail

21 July 2024

We design for life. And because life is constantly changing we need to be at the forefront of design at all times. We love that The Globe and Mail saw this determination in how we approached our SIX25BV property. Together with award winning Teeple Architects we pushed the boundaries to create a building that is not only gorgeous but works for how people move and live.

“Toronto’s official guidelines for new mid-rise developments are humane, well-intentioned and quite specific. Their specificity is one reason they are also controversial, at least in architecturally interested circles.” said The Globe and Mail, and we agree. “It is our responsibility to understand and respect what the city sets as standards for buildings… and to push these standards as far as we can to develop buildings that work for people and enhance the area they are in…” says Anthony Abate, VP Design and Development at HAVEN Developments.

We won’t say anymore as The Globe and Mail did a great job of saying it for us. Take a read!

The Globe and Mail features SIX25BV and how it is pushing the boundaries.