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SIX25BV Lobby release

22 April 2024

You will love the SIX25BV lobby.

We are grateful for all of the recent press SIX25BV has been receiving. The Globe and Mail really said it well. We love how they recognized how we push traditional ways of thinking or being. It’s because we believe that our role as a developer is to develop buildings that work for life.

To live this belief means that as a team we must design beyond standards, beyond the obvious and with a relentless curiosity for understanding how life is changing. “Technology has not only changed how we work and interact, but it has created new expectations for everything in life…” says Anthony Abate, our VP Design and Development. He continued by saying “…because technology moves at the speed of life and delivers information to us and about us (he points to the health app on his Apple watch) we have become accustomed to expecting this same proactive design in everything…”

It is this perspective that caused HAVEN developments to design the SIX25BV lobby in a way that makes you feel like home. “You don’t feel like you are walking into some common area like other lobbies…” included Jordan Teperman our Executive Vice President, General Counsel “…the team did an amazing job at making it feel like a really large home… like an extension of your suite”

We aligned with IIXIV Design to complete the interior designs of SIX25BV because they understand and share our philosophies. And they have done an incredible job on this lobby. The lobby delivers a well designed sense of welcome that flows aesthetically, emotionally and physically to the SIX25BV lounge, rooftop and of course your suite. This consistent sense of welcome is what makes the entire property of SIX25BV feel like your home… not just your suite.

As our interview with Anthony was concluding he stopped for a moment and laughed while saying “Love your lobby..” you could see the realization on his face as he continued “…do people love the lobby of most condominiums? Most developers just build a basic functional space here. I hope we have created a new movement to ‘Love Your Lobby'”.