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Welcome to HAVEN

21 July 2024

Thursday, September 17th marked an exciting milestone for us as we celebrated the official launch of HAVEN Developments with colleagues, family and friends at Spoke on the Water.

We were joined by over 200 guests, with whom we shared our vision for the company and our 5 philosophies, which are reflected in each development that we are involved in:

  1. The location must be easily accessible to transit and other infrastructure.
  2. As shareholders we always have an investment in our developments, which means we share the risk with you.
  3. The development must be in an area that that we live in, to ensure we know it will succeed.
  4. We are involved in every aspect of the development, enabling us to control costs and stay on time.
  5. Our partners and suppliers must be of the gold standard in their industry.

If you would like more information regarding investment opportunities or updates on any of our properties please register here.