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Welcome to the SIX25BV Lounge

14 June 2024
The SIX25BV Lounge offers more than just space.

The SIX25BV Lounge is so exciting and sitting down to hear Anthony Abate speak about the SIX25BV Lounge gave us totally new meaning to what HAVEN stands for. HAVEN stands for “Connecting you to the city you love” and we always understood how this came out through the way HAVEN selects their properties. What we hadn’t considered was how “Connecting you to the city you love” goes through every aspect of the company.

Anthony explained this – “The city we all love is made up of the people and all of the great things the people have created in the city. So when we say ‘Connecting you to the city you love’ we are determined to connect you to everything our great city has to offer… and that includes all of the great people in your life.” When we began to understand the depth of commitment HAVEN has to connecting people we started to see how design principles play an important role. “We love getting together with friends and family for Sunday brunch, Thursday games night and of course all of those special occasions… and we know that we will have many professionals in SIX25BV that will benefit from the way we designed the SIX25BV Lounge… we thought of all the ways people interact, entertain and ultimately connect” continued Anthony.

Jordan Teperman  explained his personal experience with other lounge areas “I can’t tell you how many times I hear people say how they wish the had a larger space to entertain… only to be disappointed with the attention to detail in so many shared lounge areas. We wanted this space to feel like you are entertaining in your own suite and the team did an incredible job at achieving this”.

We loved how Anthony joked about the dining space and full kitchen. When we asked him how many people the space will accommodate for dinner he said “…that depends, in my family we always make it work. We get close and figure it out together. I think my parents table is supposed to sit 8 but somehow 12 or so of us always enjoy dinner together.” The SIX25BV Lounge features everything you’ll need, including ample space. It includes a full kitchen, sitting area, fireplace, large TV with sound system and of course it is all presented in the HAVEN style we have fallen in love with.